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Local ranking school Name Details
1 Dipont Education – Beijing High School of Renmin University more>>
2 RISE Learning Center - Shijingshan Taiwan Street Campus more>>
3 Web International English - Changshu more>>
4 Disney English - Chongwenmen Xinyu Center more>>
5 RISE Learning Center - Shili Joint International Campus more>>
6 Gannan Normal University more>>
7 Disney English - Majiapu Center more>>
8 RISE Learning Center - Sky School District Campus more>>
9 Ganzhou No. 3 Middle School more>>
10 Disney English - North Star Century Center more>>
11 RISE Learning Center - SOHO Shangdu Campus more>>
12 Kid Castle - Aviation AD kindergarten more>>
13 Disney English - Shijingshan Center more>>
14 RISE Learning Center - Tiantongyuan Ronde Campus more>>
15 Kid Castle - Aviation Bilingual Kindergarten more>>
16 Disney English - Wangjing One City Center more>>
17 RISE Learning Center - Times Square Campus more>>
18 Baicheng Normal College more>>
19 Disney English - Yuecheng Center more>>
20 RISE Learning Center - Tuanjiehu Campus more>>
21 Baicheng Normal Collge more>>
22 Disney English - Zhongguancun Plaza Shopping Center more>>
23 RISE Learning Center - Wangjing Campus more>>
24 Joy English Language School - City Center West Branch more>>
25 Dulwich College Beijing more>>
26 RISE Learning Center - Xuanwumen Campus more>>
27 Anyang Normal University more>>
28 Dulwich College Beijing (DCB) more>>
29 RISE Learning Center - Ying Campus more>>
30 Creative Teaching Program (CTP) more>>
31 Eduwings International Kindergarten more>>
32 Romanian Cultural Institute - Beijing more>>
33 Gymboree - Liaoning Anshan more>>
34 EF English First more>>
35 School of International Education, Beijing Foreign Studies Unive more>>
36 Joy English Language School - Anshan Branch more>>
37 Enlightener Education more>>
38 Sesame Street English more>>
39 New Dynamic Institute - New World Store Center more>>
40 Etonkids (Beijing) Arcadia Campus more>>
41 Sino Bright School No.8 more>>
42 New Oriental School more>>
43 Etonkids (Beijing) Baoxing Campus more>>
44 Sino Education Beijing more>>
45 Talenty English - Anshan more>>
46 Etonkids (Beijing) CBD Central Park Campus more>>
47 Star Education - After Newtown Campus more>>
48 Talenty School more>>
49 Etonkids (Beijing) CBD GTM Campus more>>
50 Star Education - Ciyunsi Campus more>>
51 Yup Education more>>
52 Etonkids (Beijing) Datunli Campus more>>
53 Talenty English - Beijing more>>
54 Aston English School more>>
55 Etonkids (Beijing) Eastern Provence Campus more>>
56 Talenty English - Head Office more>>
57 China University of Mining–Yinchuan more>>
58 Etonkids (Beijing) Lido Campus more>>
59 Talenty School more>>
60 Gymboree - Yinchuan Center more>>
61 Etonkids (Beijing) Midtown Campus more>>
62 The Affiliated High School of Peking University more>>
63 Max Education Yinchuan more>>
64 Etonkids (Beijing) Ocean Landscape Campus more>>
65 The British School of Beijing more>>
66 New Channel International Education - Jinmao Campus more>>
67 Etonkids (Beijing) Olympic Village Campus more>>
68 The British School of Beijing Early Years Campus more>>
69 New Channel International Education - New Campus more>>
70 Etonkids (Beijing) Overseas Chinese Town Campus more>>
71 The British School of Beijing Primary Campus more>>
72 Ningxia Institute of Science and Technology more>>
73 Etonkids (Beijing) Palm Springs Campus more>>
74 The British School of Beijing, Sanlitun Campus more>>
75 Ningxia Preschool Education College more>>
76 Etonkids (Beijing) Peking House Campus more>>
77 The British School of Beijing, Shunyi more>>
78 Warren School of Language more>>
79 Etonkids (Beijing) Poly Garden Campus more>>
80 The China Education Exchange more>>
81 Kid Castle - Shangri-La International Kindergarten more>>
82 First Decision more>>
83 The Family Learning House (TFLH) more>>
84 Qinghai Normal University more>>
85 First Leap - Beijing more>>
86 The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China more>>
87 Qinghai University more>>
88 Foreign Affairs College more>>
89 The International Montessori School Of Beijing more>>
90 Qinghai University For Nationalities more>>
91 French International School of Beijing - Elementary School more>>
92 The International School of Beijing more>>
93 Xining International Academy more>>
94 French International School of Beijing - High School more>>
95 The SMIC Private School - Beijing more>>
96 Aston English School more>>
97 French International School of Beijing - Kindergarten more>>
98 Tsinghua International School more>>
99 Baoji Research Institute of Innovative Education more>>
100 Great Wall University more>>