Higher Education Ranking

HERanking Higher Education Ranking is an independent initiative aims to encourage higher education institutions to increase their web-content on the internet. The main objective of the project is to provide a platform for HEIs to monitor the development of their presence on the internet.

The project is a non-for-profit independent initiative that plans to provide a tool to HEIs in order to improve their implementation and operation. With the help of accreditation bodies, we also encourage HEIs to apply quality assurance for their programmes.


Ranking of higher education institutions is one of the main pillars that are adopted during the evaluation of the work of universities, higher education institutions, research centers, scientific and research institutes and all the other institutions that carry the "impression" of higher education regardless of its label (university - institute - college - school - academy). This identity of the HEI, as you know, is ambiguous and foggy.

HERanking is divided into three categories for its beta edition which are the following:

Universities: This category includes a unique and distinguished ranking for all universities in all over the world. (The current list includes over 31500 universities).

In order to provide a better idea for viewers, HERanking has provided the following details for each university:

University Local Ranking – University World Ranking – Short Introduction for the HEI – Screenshot for the Website of the HEI – Most important keywords for the HEI- A link to the website of the HEI.

Methodology of ranking for those universities is to be clarified later.

Language Schools: This category includes a database of all language schools all over the world. This list estimate more than 13000 language schools with a short introduction for each one. Our prime intention was to help those who are interested in language and graduate studies. Those who are interested may have general improvement for their language competence by using this list.

Accreditation Bodies: In order to help HEIs to apply quality policies, we have included a list of the most important and most notable and prestigious accreditation, certification, quality assurance and recognition entities, councils and bodies. HEIs are advised to communicate with those bodies for the sake of applying quality assurance for their operation. Please be concerned that some of those entities are local ones only.

For any request to add/removal, HEIs and Accreditation Bodies are advised to send an email to: info@heranking.com

Methodology of the Ranking

HERanking Higher Education Ranking is based on several independent, unbiased, transparent principles that generally aim to guarantee genuinity and authenticity of the ranking. The current edition (August 2019) is still beta and the first edition is to be published on (January 2020). The values of the current ranking are still under examination because they are unstable up till now taking into consideration that the indicators that we are using nowadays  might be changed slightly during the coming weeks. In the case of manipulation, manipulators are to be threatened with removal. In the case of repeated manipulation, HEIs are to be excluded from the ranking.

Indicators of the Ranking:

Moz  - Majestic – Semrush – Alexa – LinksIn – PDF files (the values are not defined because they are still under examination.)

Criteria of the Ranking

HERanking relies on performing mathematical calculations that ultimately lead to a numerical (numerical) value which is calculated, compared and estimated with values ​​of other universities. This value calculates the ranking of local, regional and international universities. Whenever the HEIs is below the lowest value, it would have a “Not set Heranking”.

HERanking is based (in the current suit) on a criteria related to density of presence on the Internet, and the way HEIs are performing to the indexing and publishing of content on the Web. We are also developing mechanisms related to the ranking of those universities based on scientific and academic content that is published in Peer-reviewed (refereed or scholarly) journals.

HERanking can be used by HEIs as a mentor and evaluator for their  progress or decline. HERanking is also a liable source for students to check the evaluation of universities.

In assessing its own and unique ranking, HERanking is committed to integrity and transparency of information. The entire process is automated without any manual intervention. The transparency measure is one of the most important and influential factors in the operation of HERanking.

It is very important to notice that HERanking is not only seen as a tool to encourage HEIs to develop their work in the prospects that are covered and measured within the ranking, but also aims to endorse universities to develop their work at all levels of scientific and research in addition to  support deployment and promote external presence not forgetting the importance of joint action and building  relationships and partnerships with international  institutions of higher education all over the world with open mentality to stretch and to build bridges of cooperation and mutual understanding  between all those institutions.

List of papers affiliated to HERanking Higher Education Ranking:

Mustafa Kayyali

Director of the project